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THRIVE ON! was born in 2020, stemming from a humble college dorm room. It all started with Keyvious, our passionate founder, who aimed to forge connections between curriculum and community. Despite having no budget or a clear roadmap, Keyvious embarked on a mission fueled by sheer determination.

The vision behind THRIVE ON! extended beyond fulfilling academic requirements. Keyvious believed in empowering students to address pressing community issues while embracing their core coursework. The goal was to create a harmonious blend of academic learning and meaningful engagement with real-world challenges.


Inspired by the potential for sustainable growth and inclusivity, Keyvious envisioned circular economies aligning with community values, strengths, passions, cultures, radical inclusion, and respect for nature. This grand vision became the guiding principle for THRIVE ON!


Our approach is rooted in experimentation and collaboration, complemented by thorough research. We prioritize deep listening to understand the gaps and challenges preventing systemic change and hindering economic improvement. With these insights, we design strategies to overcome barriers and empower today's youth to become the architects of tomorrow's transformative initiatives.


At THRIVE ON!, we recognize the importance of humility and the collective power of our community. We are committed to fostering an environment where every voice is heard and collaboration is at the forefront. Our journey is driven by a shared belief in the potential of individuals to make a positive impact when given the proper support and opportunities.


THRIVE ON! is a BIPOC-led, youth-driven systemic change organization that uses emergent strategies to cultivate resilient communities through collaboration. Our vision is a future where community values, and the innovative spirit of our youth, are the bedrock of our economy — ensuring prosperity for all and commitment to the preservation of our natural world.

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